Looks Greek To Me

Cleopatra, from a mid-1st century B.C. wall painting in Pompeii. Almost unquestionably her. The child probably represents Caesarion, her son by Julius Caesar.

The Man Behind Epstein


Les Wexner may be the ultimate key to unlocking the door to more than just Epsteins New York mansion, but that’s a good place to start for now. Since, apparently, Wexner’s name was on work permits related to the property almost a decade after he sold it to Epstein (signed it over to him, technically, after Epstein purchased the company that controlled the property).

The Wexner family claims this is nothing more than sloppy record keeping. Possible, but I doubt it. Is it possible that Epstein has basically been a front for Wexner the whole time? Bear in mind, although Epstein is supposedly a billionaire (his wealth, it turns out, is much more of an allegation than the current federal charges against him) his one and only (known) billionaire client is, you may have surmised, Les Wexner.

I’m sure there are others that are not known. I’m thinking, for example, Russian oligarchs, Chinese billionaires, various Middle Eastern potentates, and possibly a handful of certain well-known international bankers.

But I digress. For the time being, we should stick to what we know.

And what we know for a fact is that Wexner, an 81-year old billionaire businessman who hails from Dayton Ohio (and was and/or still is the owner of The Limited and Victoria’s Secret, among multiple other business concerns) is, in addition to a financial titan, a political player.

He is, in fact, a former Deep State Republican Establishment RINO puppeteer who supported Mitt Romney in 2012.

Now, however, and as of last year, he has disavowed the Republican Party due to, and I am paraphrasing here “changes in it’s make-up”. Good fucking riddance! It doesn’t take a Mensa peer to see that’s he’s referring to Trump and his supporters. Bear in mind that one of Trump’s strongest opponents within the GOP is, of course, RINO and Wexner accolyte Mitt Romney.

You won’t find any records of Wexner on the flight logs of the Lolita Express and he’s not stupid enoufh to have ever set foot on the alleged “Pedophile Island”. But I bet he knows all about everyone that was ever there, even if he doesn’t know any of the gory details.

That’s where Epstein comes in.

Hockey Coach ‘Respect The National Anthem Or Get The F@ck Out’

It’s about fucking time!

The owner of the Connecticutt Hat Tricks, a minor league hockey team, must be behind Coach Dan Krupinsky or he wouldn’t have said this. In fact, I think the NHL in general has a low tolerance level for leftist bullshit.I think there was a situation a year or two ago when one or two pro-hockey players kneeled during the National Anthem. But since I never heard of it happening agaim, I’m assuming it was handled in-house and slapped down fast.

And rightly so. Pro-hockey is trying to grow their brand, and they know disrespect toward the flag or America is not the way to achieve that. That in itself probably wouldn’t initially be enough to discourage the outrage mob of Liberal Progressives who would ordinarily be sorely tempted to harass, intimidate, and ultimately threaten this patriotic coach and his family. On the other hand this would probably not be the best idea they ever entertained, as he also happens to be the Sheriff of Danbury Connecticutt.

They may, however, pursue other avenues.First they might demand an apology from the coach, They could follow that up with demands for his resignation, and then his termination. Finally, they will call for a boycott from fans, sponsors, and broadcasters. They might have support for this amongst some leftist broadcast officials and a few cowardly sponsors,

But not from hockey fans. Never from hockey fans. We hockey fans don’t play. And we don’t mind telling you scumbags exactly what we think of you, openly, in no uncertain terms.

H/T Breitbart